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Ask around!

I've found that asking other car people always help when finding project cars.
It could be delivery drivers, postmen, window cleaners etc-they get around a lot so often see vehicles in garages or driveways.They aren't probably looking and thinking "I know who would buy that" so you need to let them know you are searching for cars (the offer of a finders fee always helps!)
This brace of Jaguars was found by a good friend of mine who was an avid car collector (I am slowly selling his collection as he wants to keep just his favourite 15 cars).
Both these Jaguars have been off the road for at least 12 months.Both will need work before daily use but are well worth the effort.
The red car is an XKR coupe-4.0L supercharged, whereas the blue convertible is a N/A 4.0L.PLease check the store in the coming weeks where they will be advertised for sale 'as is' so the new owners can have the fun of restoring them.

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