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Audi B2 Type 85 Coupe GT quattro 80 90 Aluminium strut brace new

Brand new, locally made. 

Replica of original 1980s sourced strut brace from one of my many previous track cars.

Limited run of 10 in this instance.

Type 85 never came with a front strut brace, whereas the Type 89 models were in some cases fitted with one from the factory ( not as pretty ass this!)

Worldwide shipping available.

£175 each plus shipping.

With light modification these will fit all B3 B4 models not fitted with strut brace or brackets on the shock towers

When these are sold we will take deposits for another batch to be made.

Please note, these require light modification to fit all cars-PAS reservoir will need lowering (elongate bracket bolt holes, and adjust fuel pipes-simples)

Chase Classic Cars 07708865570