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Wow! About time I introduced myself and my business.
I have been a car fan from a very early age, I blame my parents!
Jaguars, MGs, BMWS and a variety of other classic cars were everyday transport for them (and my father still has his Jaguar MK2).
I purchased my first Audi, a 1.9 Coupe GT when I was 18, after having my B1 Passat estate written off by an XR2.
It was downhill from there!
Another Coupe soon followed (stripped out and painted in Audi works colours).
By 23 I had built a V8 Capri, a Reliant Scimitar and a Model T turtle deck hot rod. There were some normal cars too.
Moving on.
I went back to Audis and purchased my first quattro, a B2 CQ. This had been neglected and needed work, including non-buckled wheels.
Having spotted a Coupe GT in a local driveway, I knocked on and asked if it was for sale. I only really needed the wheels.
The owner was really pleased to sell it as his wife was giving him stick for having 'that old scrap car' sitting outside.
Cash changed hands, it was delivered and I had my straight wheels.
What to do with the rest?
Might as well take the lights off for spares.
Those seats are nice, I could sell those.
And it carried on.
eBay had just become popular in the UK so I gave it a try.
Parts sold for more than I had paid for the car!
So I bought another locally.
Then another.
And another...
At this time I met a fellow Coupe Quattro owner at the corner shop.
Turned out he needed spares too.
And lived on a farm with plenty of room for my cars!
Thank you very much Andy (and Terry, his dad).
This really helped instead of breaking them on the lawn at home (had 6 there once).
This went on for a fair few years, working in the hot sunshine and the snow and ice in winter, it had to be done.
This was also while I had a full time job!
Storage space consisted of sheds in my garden and space in the garage.
Limiting what stock I could save meant not being able to offer a wide range of parts ( I didn't even have an engine crane!) engines were removed via the tractor at the farm!
After saving for a long time I had enough money to rent a small work area ( a former car wash) for 6 months and took the risk to go part time in my proper job.
Well, a car wash doesn't need to be water proof (or rat proof!) but I was slightly warmer and drier that winter.
Chatting to my cousin about how it was going he suggested a unit his relative had for rent.
This was another leap.
Going from a 3 car space leaking car wash to a two floor, 3500 sq ft industrial unit with parking for 6+ cars was frightening to say the least.
Two years later I'm still here.
The unit is almost full! The parking spaces are full!
The customer base has grown beyond all recognition.
I have shipped cars to England, Scotland and far flung parts of Europe!
Parts sales have included locations such as New Zealand, USA and even Alaska!
My main passion is of course classic Audis, however, when searching for them I have increasingly found other classic cars for sale.
So, Audi Coupe Parts (and other Audi models) has transformed into Chase Classic Cars!
This is not following Wayne on the TV.
I live in an area called Lightwood Chase (google it) so Chase Classic Cars sounded better than Lightwood cars, lol.
See the website for a selection of old and modern classics available along with the Audis I deal in.
I am interested in all makes and models of classics and will supply and purchase.
More soon folks! 

Chase Classic Cars 07708865570