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The fall and rise of the URS models

In the shadow of the ur quattro and the S2 comes the URS model

Available in saloon and avant forms in the uk with the 20 valve I5 turbo engine, with either 5, 6 or automatic gearboxes and quattro four wheel drive ( same basic engine as the S2 and RS2 models)

Perfect for the family or long business journeys

Solid, reliable and fairly fast in it's day, it did end up at one time being the donor for many a b2 or s2 replica.

This has brought numbers down and only the better ones have survived.

See our shop for one such car.

Hybrid turbo and custom ecu are just two of the features making this one to save (yes, we admit, it was bought to break but it is too good an rare for that now!)

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